Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Train Birthday Cake Decorating: A Fun And Delicious Hobby

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I tried for a long time with my kids a new mom find time to enjoy and to find a hobby. Edible cake decorations are the perfect past time. Not only is it fun to be with these kids, but I improved my ability to drive me every birthday is.

The easiest way to start this hobby is, to buy a box cake mix cake decorating kit in the store to buy the basic ideas can be found on the Internet. I first made my daughter's first birthday cake was Elmo cake. Plain yellow cake, and then I found online, decorations, edible cake I made red with some information about the black and orange frosting with Wilton gel food color was. As well as the delicious cake and was a big hit.

Train Birthday Cake PicturesTrain Birthday Cake

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Since my first cake, the cake has attempted more difficult. For my son's first birthday party this past year, I could eat six car freight train cake (M & M's and Jelly) has completed. The kids love it, and I love making cakes! I use a simple box of chocolate cake was a cake in small chunks six. Then, use canned frosting and a variety of colors to create a different color food dyes added. I'm wearing a crumb coat the cake in the refrigerator for a few hours let it harden. After that, I'm back with a frost Kit - Kat candy bars and cargo side and each "train car" was able to top. I, a piece of wood covered with wax paper coated with black clothes and laid down a train track, and hope. I was able to sample the goods on the left, edible cake decorations in this session was my favorite.

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One of the best places for the local craft store to decorate and supply store. In my area, I use 40% off AC Moore or Michaels and mobile food coloring, spatulas, frosting and candy toppers help I can get the same stuff. For the best part about this hobby more fun and I made it more of each cake and you can get. Right now, your cake and gakboda first one before it was created. I'm just hoping to continue at this rate! Three years and one year old, edible cake decorations, I have further long!

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